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First Date Ideas

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  • HBKitty ( 21 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    I would like to have a date which allows for conversation and laughter, and which requires me and my partner to do something together. That would be a great way to see if we make for a good team.

  • deniseconcha7 ( 36 / W / Hollywood, FL )

    I would like to get to know you more and feel our connection grow stronger so therefore my ideal first date would be a private beach session either having coffee or tea while enjoying the moon overlooking the water.

  • Steelion ( 21 / M / Pretoria, Gauteng )

    a chilled day out enjoying and appreciating art

  • GiselleLaBelle ( 33 / W / Washington, DC )

    Dinner followed by a painting & wine class.. The Art one draws i believe says a lot about their personality & perception of things.

  • Mendiboo ( 28 / W / Miami, FL )

    Painting with a twist anything with arts and crafts. I like getting a little messy

  • Runako ( 27 / W / South Africa )

    a relaxed place where both of us will be able to express ourselves without any hinderance

  • heyItsMe1234 ( 36 / W / Bell Gardens, CA )

    A first date should be somewhere where the couple can talk and get to know each other. How about some piƱata making?!

  • Cocosyn ( 35 / W / Reynoldsburg, OH )

    A paint and wine sip event. I love being creative and wine always loosens inhibition to allow for the most relaxed experience and best possible chemistry between individuals.

  • privatetinarnold ( 24 / M / Mpumalanga )

    How about we go on a African Art, Crafts and Culture date. Watch me geek out about African Art.

  • envyrain ( 33 / W / Champaign, IL )

    Paint and wine night locally or in a nearby city

  • Littledarling000 ( 24 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    a night of fancy dinner, fancy wine and then we dance the night away.

  • Jonflacitio ( 42 / M / Monroe, LA )

    Like simple things nice dinner or breakfast on a boat

  • Nikimarie72912 ( 31 / W / Diamond, OH )

    I'm not I to the whole inner and a movie.. that's boring.

  • Redrea360 ( 32 / W / Weatherford, TX )

    As mundane and repetitive as this is going to sound I'm going to type it anyways. I want to go somewhere that we can interact and get to know each other. Wine tasting and that cool paint by group thing I see so many peop...  read more >>

  • sthofo ( 24 / M / South Africa )

    Is to go where there's no people around


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