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First Date Ideas

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  • Georgiapeach26 ( 51 / W / Kingsland, GA )

    To be with man can make date plans to take me outi love cocktails to help me get aquainted. And music playing that wint put me asleep man talk n entertain his lady n help her get to know him not be on a phone during date...  read more >>

  • MassageChic ( 52 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    An ideal date is doing something we both enjoy. I'd like to try an activity that is not on my list but is important to your lifestyle (Golf maybe?!?). I'm always game for a new adventures!

  • womanMonika ( 32 / W / Praha, Hlavni Mesto )

    I like spontaneous trip by car. I like dining outside in stylish restaurant.

  • CalmRedhead ( 60 / W / New York, NY )

    Something fun instead of just sitting at a meal/interview style. Perhaps a nice visit afterwards for a drink or something.

  • Taurus1968 ( 49 / W / Yorba Linda, CA )

    Instant connection, give one another a passionate kiss, visit a bit then give each other a super sexy slow kiss, visit a bit more and ask me out for another date but not before we have a night cap....

  • WanderlusterUSA ( 18 / W / Houston, TX )

    - Buy a bunch of tennis balls and give them out at a dog park! I love puppies! - Then get ice cream or frozen yogurt afterwards with a nice, long walk

  • SweetIowanlady ( 41 / W / Waterloo, IA )

    First date hmm well I like it if you were you self and enjoy each others company and have some laughs and having fun and getting to know each other

  • Elencek21 ( 35 / W / Prague, Praha, Hlavni Mesto )

    I am an open person, ,,, will leave it up to you..it can be anything from a nice flower up to a rock mountain trip :)

  • jenjenIII ( 56 / W / Canton, NY )

    I am always willing to travel to be able to be with you, Size matters, I love animals particularly dogs and horses. I hve no children. The relationship I am currently in has not met my expectations, so discretion is a mu...  read more >>

  • MALAYSIA24 ( 24 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    creativity, a real effort, not coffee

  • Patrickgrr ( 61 / M / Shingle Springs, CA )

    Travel to Chile to visit my blueberry farms, then south for an adventure in Patagonia; or instead we could meet for coffee! :-)

  • doropearl ( 32 / W / Dallas, TX )

    How about making the first date a memorable one in a unique and memorable place/city.

  • mia0313 ( 20 / W / Winnipeg, MB )

    An adventure

  • thessalonians310 ( 27 / M / Grand Rapids, MI )

    See me iam more a want to go out on the boat for the day & drive jet skis :) then later sit under a bonfire and listen to music while I get to know u type dude

  • anthonythomas1 ( 53 / M / Nicosia, Nicosia )

    where and how not an issue


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