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First Date Ideas

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  • MichaelKasso ( 43 / M / Heraklion, Crete )

    Simply, how about having some drinks and chat?

  • hill3609 ( 32 / M / Huntsville, ON )

    go out for dinner then go for a nice long walk

  • ClearForTakeOff ( 36 / M / Huntington Beach, CA )

    We fly to Bali and hike along the coast, until we find a secluded beach. Picking coconuts, bodysurfing in the waves, and talking until sunset… we then have a seaside candlelit dinner prepared by Wolfgang Puck himself...  read more >>

  • Authenticy1 ( 55 / W / Toronto, ON )


  • dena1111 ( 59 / W / Woodland Hills, CA )

    Our first date would be a little meet and greet just to check the chemistry. Maybe over a glass of wine. If its a perfect first date, then there will be laughter, smiles and that undeniable chemistry that makes you tingl...  read more >>

  • LilaPinkRose ( 49 / W / Washington, DC )

    I like to keep the first date short and sweet. Maybe a drink or coffee to chat and see if there is chemistry.

  • KRNY10018 ( 21 / W / New York, NY )

    Drinking with good company

  • Authormom64 ( 52 / W / Kissimmee, FL )


  • labellaisis ( 43 / W / Boulder, CO )

    It's good to think of not creating to much expectations for the first time but ok to feel excitement. And encounter for a drink could be a great start. Don't drink? No problem, coffee or tea sounds good too.

  • PDD1972 ( 44 / M / Richardson, TX )

    Some where quiet so we can talk and get to know one another.

  • Michelyna ( 36 / W / Vineland, NJ )

    my first date we should meet and have a cocktail and just talk and get to know one another. no pressure just pleasant conversation

  • sweetlaic ( 58 / W / Miami, FL )

    Although I like formalities, perhaps the ideal for the first date is to be casual drink. I the event we don't find empathy, it will be faster. In the opposite situation, it can be extended to dinner...

  • UVA2000MO ( 39 / W / Birmingham, MI )

    Best first date is to grab a drink and would be happy to travel to meet you but Birmingham, MI is home for now.

  • NoTimeLikeNow_ ( 33 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    I don't want to ruin the mystery, but it usually involves coffee or a drink. After that, all bet's are off though...

  • Naplesopa ( 53 / M / Naples, FL )

    Be ready to share who you are. I am a straight forward, open book type of person with nothing to hide. I am an affectionate person so if all goes well, and after I ask and you allow, maybe a kiss goodbye!!!!


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