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First Date Ideas

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  • Exotic_rose22 ( 27 / W / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    I do not have and first date ideas. Just sweep me off my keep and keep a smile on my face.

  • PavlaDolores ( 41 / W / Žamberk, Pardubicks Kraj )

    Surprise me...

  • gentlemanslw ( 46 / M / Mahwah, NJ )

    After some due diligence, I set the agenda. It's a surprise. It turns out to be something you never expected. You probably wanted to go home at first. By the end of the night, it was the best night of your life.

  • Faith1st ( 54 / W / Tarpon Springs, FL )

    Fo me, first dates should never be a movie - I'd like to have some great conversation and get to know more about you. There are several ways to accomplish that: dinner, hiking, boating, attending a community event etc.

  • llovelife ( 63 / W / Cincinnati, OH )

    It does not matter where we go. If it comes down to getting to know one another then we can both decide then. It does not have to be profound that can come with time! I like the good life but have genuine expectations! I...  read more >>

  • BlondENRG ( 47 / W / Rochester, NY )

    Ideal first date - We meet at the Red Cross blood donation station and see who can fill up that pint size bag faster. I can even hold your hand for moral support. Then we go to a juice bar, since we can't drink alcohol a...  read more >>

  • Cicimom ( 50 / W / Stanton, CA )

    I like a man who takes charge. I am pretty easy going and can go with the flow so you make the plans and surprise me because I love fun surprises.

  • AllyPak ( 42 / W / Canton, MI )

    I'm actually quite flexible when it comes to date ideas. Should we keep it simple and meet for coffee or a glass of wine? Fine! Are we feeling more adventurous? Perhaps we should go on a hike. Better yet, let's hit Ikea...  read more >>

  • Mymatch321 ( 55 / M / Chicago, IL )

    What really matters is what we both want to do.

  • meetmeatRicks ( 51 / M / Houston, TX )

    You were happy and reflected, I'm really glad I met this guy.

  • FunMalala ( 48 / W / Córdoba, Cordoba )

    As I live pretty far from other countries, I'd say that our first meeting would be on the internet, by videochatting and getting to know each other. Then, we'll see if we are compatible and decide is decide if we want to...  read more >>

  • Gita47 ( 47 / W / Calgary, AB )

    Casual. Conversational. Chess and chai?

  • ilovenature222 ( 55 / M / Attapulgus, GA )

    Go see a movie or have dinner together and then we have a nice conversation while taking a walk.

  • WorldsToExplore ( 38 / M / New York, NY )

    Washington Park for a stroll, get our Zen on with some meditation at MNDFL and then simultaneously delight/poison our bodies with some decadent chocolate chip cookie dough from DO in Greenwich Village.

  • Joyfullheart ( 50 / W / Honolulu, HI )

    What suits your fancy sir? Let's go for a dip in the waterfall pool, or a helicopter ride over Maui, maybe a high tea in China Town, a rock concert in our jeans & cowboy boots, a symphony with champagne, a chai tea at a...  read more >>


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