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First Date Ideas

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  • MikeInShineArmor ( 41 / M / Martins Ferry, OH )

    We would go to the Zoo, have dinner at a nice restaurant and then go on a nice walk and connect

  • 1WoShow ( 54 / W / Yorktown, VA )

    My first date will be very simple: a nice walk in the park, if the conversation falters for a bit, the scenery itself can stand in. If things are going well, then we can find a nice quiet place to listen to some soft cal...  read more >>

  • lindapersely8 ( 63 / W / Desoto, TX )

    Take a walk in early morning. Then stop and have a cup of coffee afterwards talk some more to get aquainted.

  • SassyLassy23 ( 29 / W / Vancouver, BC )

    I'm a very fit, active girl who loves the outdoors, but I always need that perfect dichotomy in life of nature and nightlife! So... my favourite thing for an unforgettable date would be to hike and explore and go on a wi...  read more >>

  • Cexisista ( 31 / W / Harrisburg, PA )

    My first date would be a walk or hike. I want to be able to talk and get to know you.

  • Miche_Done ( 62 / M / New York, NY )

    1. Holding hands while walking on the beach shores on a cool evening... 2. On a table for two in a VIP lounge...holding hands and talking to each other passionately.

  • Lovetogoswiming ( 55 / W / Kingston, MA )

    Maybe grab an ice coffee and a walk.

  • Camelot2005 ( 82 / W / Hansville, WA )

    Take a walk on the beach or simply down the road....sit on log and talk....on the way back, hold hands If we like each other.

  • Snezha ( 41 / W / SP46 )

    hiking in San Tropez

  • 1Olena ( 46 / W / Ithaca, NY )

    A walk in a park if it's warm - a warm beverage inside if it's cold

  • farmingafuture ( 38 / M / Baton Rouge, LA )

    Walk, picnic, dog park...

  • SimpleElegant ( 55 / W / Aurora, IL )

    Taking a hike out at starved rock among the waterfalls and rocks. Talking about the things we enjoy. Feeling good and ready for a picnic at sunset and a glass of wine.

  • Melanin_queen94 ( 22 / W / Valdosta, GA )

    My ideal first date or first meet would possibly be hiking or some sort of outdoor activity specifically on Runyon Canyon Park, I would to work out and just feel good and afterwards have a great healthy lunch.

  • LilyPe ( 23 / W / Essen, Baden-Wurttemberg )

    It really does not matter as long as you have fun!

  • redhead20467 ( 53 / W / River Forest, IL )

    Ideally, would like for a first date to allow for really paying attention to one another, listening to words / tone / body language / chemistry... I have found that grabbing a coffee and taking a walk is a nice combinati...  read more >>


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